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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

today's life at d office...

2day my bos not in da office...quite hepi2 wif rakan2 yg lain....;))) since i'm in new department got new things to understand...oklaaa..sume staff kat cni giler2 include my pengarah okies!!! he's to young to be an 'Pengarah'!!!only 30years old..best kn?!!
beberape ari yg lepas meet kak yati n die kate my face look so hepi since da tuka new department!! i said : of course la kak..sgt suke tau...depends an old department!! eeeuuwwww!!! for me..aku xbp ske sgtla environment keje ngn org2 pompuan nih(komuniti yg rmi okies)..mcm2 hal!!! like in my past department...huh!!(bukan nk kutuk or ape2 but it happend) but now juz me n k.liza only women in the new department..ske2!!!yg lain sume laki..senang keje ngn dorng..xbnyk citer..n yg paling best xde sesi mengumpat2 nih yer!!! depan kite pny la baik..belakang kite die la tukang karut yg paling superb!!! aku rs mn2 opis pon lebey kureng cmtu kot if di monopoli oleh kaum perempuan...akan terjadila sistem perkauman n sbgnyaaa....am i rite??? rimas ok!!
yg pasti i'm more comfortable rite now in my new department... sekian...

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